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Question Heading

I recently went into hospital for 3 hernia operations and during the course of recovering developed a PE. I have been put on to Warfarin and I am advised that I will remain on it until August. My question is after I have completed the medication is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to dive. I am a warm water diver and only dive on holiday!

Answer Heading

You can dive on warfarin, but with heavy restrictions. However, if you can leave it until August, then that is safer. So, as long as the PE, or pulmonary emboli have not cocked your lungs up big time, then the answer is a resounding affirmative Captain.

3 hernias fixed at once. Awesome. I am just trying to get my head round what it must have been like pre-op for you, and thank the Lord for surgeons, or a triple truss would have made you more wrapped than one of those suitcases on a dodgy airline.

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