Travel Advice for divers

Together with E-Med, the online medicine consultants, Midlands Diving Chamber provides scuba divers with a number of useful travel medicine services:

Pre-Travel & Post-Travel medical Advice

A comprehensive travel medical service including:

  • Pre travel consultation: on how to stay healthy abroad
  • Post travel consultation: if you are unwell on your return or just require a check up to make sure
  • E-mail support whilst abroad should you need some advice, diagnosis or even a prescription

For more details click here to visit the e-med website

Anti-Malarial Advice Online

Order your anti-malarial medication online from e-med, with free delivery the next day, to anywhere in the UK.

If you don't know which anti-malarial medications you need for the country you are visiting please use our Free Travel Information Service.

Medipac Travel First Aid Pack

If you are going to a remote part of the world,or travel frequently on business, finding a good doctor abroad can be a problem,as can the language barrier so why not take an e-med medipac?

e-med Medipac Closede-med Medipac Open

This is a medical pack containing all the necessary items to treat illnesses abroad. It comes with e-med membership for a year. So you are never far from medical advice by e-mail or phone, wherever you go.

Why is the Medipac so useful?

  • It provides a collection of highly useful medications to treat most of the illnesses you may get when traveling abroad
  • Immediate access to medication when you are sick
  • You may not be able to get hold of sterile needles and syringes when you are abroad
  • Access to a UK doctor online
  • The dressings will prevent any wounds from becoming infected
  • Includes waterproof dressings for divers

The Medicpac contains:

  • Prescription-only medication
  • Sterile dressings
  • Many other useful items that can save your trip from disaster

For more details and to order a medipac, visit the e-med website

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