Scuba Dive Medicals by the Midlands Diving Chamber

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Where We Are

MDC Doctors are able to provide a full range of diving medicals and assessments.

Divers seeking dive medicals will be advised of the Doctor available.

MDC doctors are Appointed Medical Examiners of Divers (AMEDs) under the Diving At Work Regulations 1997.

MDC doctors are UKDMC medical referees

Diving Medicals:

  • HSE dive medicals for commercial and PADI divers from DM to Instructor
  • Fit to dive medicals if a YES box has been ticked on a pre-diving medical form
  • Fit to dive medicals if a YES box has been ticked on a self-certification BSAC medical form
  • Fit to dive medical for Malta/Gozo/Spain
  • Fit to return to diving after treatment for DCI
  • AS4005.1 for diving in Australia
  • Fitness to dive, if there is a medical problem e.g. asthma
  • Any problem from equalising to "before I pay for a course am I fit enough?"

HSE Medicals

Information on HSE dive medicals can be found here.

Open Water Medical

This is the most basic dive medical available and is for anyone who needs the medical declaration signing off by a doctor before taking part in the Open Water or Advanced Open Water dive course, and who has no medical contraindications that they are aware of.


For anyone planning on diving in the above three countries, regardless of experience or medical condition.

Both of the above medicals include:

  • Full physical examination
  • Lung function tests
  • BMI
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood pressure

Fit to Dive

For those taking up diving who have a medical problem that needs fuller examination. e.g. Asthma, history of Epilepsy or Lung Disease.


For the Divemaster working outside the UK or for those not diving commercially.

As above medicals but with ECG and full lung function testing.

AS4005.1 (Australian Fit to Dive Medical)

For those who wish to dive in Australia and who need to be medically certified fit to dive. This includes anyone intending to complete an entry level Scuba diving course (e.g. PADI Open Water Diver) anywhere in Australia.

Please print out the AS4005.1 form, fill out the first three pages and bring it along to the medical with you.


These medicals can be booked by calling 01788 579 555 or filling in this FORM.

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