LDC smartphone App

LDC App - NEW Version now available on iPhone and Android.

For those of you who haven't already downloaded the App; what are you waiting for? And for those of you who have; get updating, because we've added plenty more features!

The LDC App is a complete diving resource for all of your scuba diving needs. Entertain yourself in between dives by taking one of our fun diver quizzes, brush up on your underwater knowledge by checking out the 'animal hazards' section and broaden your literary library by downloading Tanked Up magazine or by purchasing a copy of FAQ Dive Medicine.

Additionally, we still have all of the old features on the app and we've made sure that they are running extra seamlessly to ensure that all of your dive safety needs are met.

Log your dives in the log book, use the pre-dive checklist before you get into the water, and locate your nearest chamber should anything go wrong. You can report any dive incident that occurs on your dive via the app, which will go straight through to our emergency team who will call you back with any advice and assistance that you might need.

The app is available to download on both iPhone and Android and is completely FREE!

The LDC App available from iTunes The LDC App available from Google Play

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iPhone Menu Screen  iPhone Incident Screen

iPhone Pre-Dive Checklist Screen  iPhone Log Book Screen

iPhone Dive Medicine A-Z Screen  iPhone Chamber Locator Screen

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