The Midlands Diving Chamber on the BBC's 'Secrets of Everything'

Can you dig to Australia? The BBC gets busy in the chamber!

The last episode of BBC Three's 'The Secrets of Everything' sees self-confessed science geek and adrenaline junkie, Greg Foot, under pressure as he and an inflatable friend attempt to dig to Australia.

Greg takes a trip to our very own Midlands Diving Chamber where the team put him through his paces on a 50m dry dive. In his quest to see if it is physically possible to dig to Australia with all the man and will power in the world, he comes a cropper at the chamber bottom when narcosis sets in and he fails to answer some simple maths questions...

Tune in to watch the full show at 7pm on Sunday 25th March, alternatively you can catch it on BBC iplayer at anytime.

Midlands Diving Chamber runs weekly dry dives for divers and dive clubs, which are always an enjoyable experience for all involved.

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