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Dr Michael Gonevski - Hyperbaric Doctor

Dr Michael Gonevski

Dr Michael Gonevski is the hyperbaric physician at the Midlands Diving Chamber.

Having been diving for over 19 years with kudos such as Scuba Diving Instructor (PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer) his underwater adventures have taken him from the warm waters of the Persian Gulf and the not-so-warm waters of Canada's Great Lakes.

Mike is also a trained Megalodon rebreather diver and a keen fitness advocate. He can regularly be found avidly discussing fitness for diving with his fellow divers.

Dr Michael Gonevski is an HSE approved AMED and a UK Diving Medical Committee (UKDMC) referee.


Simon Wilson - Managing Director / Nominated Individual

Simon WilsonSimon has been involved in the diving industry for over eighteen years and has a background of commercial diving as well as being a qualified recreational Scuba instructor. After spending many years supervising and managing operations at coastal and London-based recompression chambers, Simon is now the Managing Director of both the London and Midlands Diving Chambers; a position he has held since 2004.

Most likely to talk about in chamber:  Diving; DCI &physiology; how he once spent time in the chamber with Miss World.


Dathan Hughes AKA Spike - Chamber Supervisor

SpikeSpike's intro to diving was in Horsey Lake, December 1979 in a Royal Navy neck entry dry bag. Spike's 33 year Naval career completed with 15 years as an air diver and a recompression chamber supervisor. Spike joined MDC in 2012; his previous role as a Diver Medic Technician during international submersible and parachute rescue team exercises make Spike a very highly-valued member of the team.

Most likely to talk about in chamber: Goats' brains, submarine escape training disasters, and obscure explosive decompression anecdotes.


Robbie Renalson - Chamber Supervisor

Robbie RenalsonRobbie started diving in his native New Zealand in 1997 and has completed over 3500 dives since. He is a qualified Diver Medic Technician, HSE part IV diver, Megalodon Rebreather diver and a PADI IDC Staff Instructor teaching in NZ, UK, Malta, Gozo, Norway, Thailand, Bahamas and Egypt. He began working in the London Diving Chamber in 2008 before being relocated to Rugby in 2009 ready for the opening of MDC.

Most Likely to talk about in the chamber: Try shutting him up.


Giacomo Ceccon - Chamber Supervisor

Steve DoddGiacomo's first diving experience was in 2012 and after donning a single tank and jumping into the water he found he was hooked on the adventure. Gaining his PADI Divemaster he later went on to qualify in 2017 as a Surface Supply Air Diver and began working in the commercial world.

Giacomo works part time at MDC as a Hyperbaric Chamber Supervisor. When he isn't working at MDC he can be found underwater somewhere in the world working as a diver or a Confined Space Technician.

Most likely to talk about in the chamber: the life that diving brings to you and the experiences you have compared to normal day-to-day living.


Vicky Brown - Marketing and Communications Manager

Vicky BrownA keen diver and cyclist, Vicky is now based back in the UK after many years exploring the snowiest peaks and deepest green seas. When she's not teaching PADI and BSAC courses, she can be found safety diving or HSE contracting and happily spends most her spare moments underwater.

After her first dive 19 years ago, she was hooked, lined and sank and hasn't looked back from 100m deep under the sea.

Most likely to talk about in the chamber: diving without taking a breath for the whole treatment time in the chamber.


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