Royal Navy Treatment Table 62

Royal Navy Treatment Table 62

Royal Navy Treatment Table 62

  • Treatment table 62 (US Navy Table 6) may be used for the following conditions:
    • Arterial Gas Embolism
    • Decompression sickness (DCS)
    • All divers presenting with neurological symptoms of Decompression Sickness (DCS)
    • Decompression Sickness (DCS) that does not fully resolve within 10 minutes of Oxygen at 18 msw
    • Cutis Marmorata
    • Symptomatic uncontrolled ascent
    • Asymptomatic omitted decompression
    • Severe carbon monoxide poisoning
    • Possible treatment for cyanide poisoning and smoke inhalation
    • Divers presenting with decompression illness (DCI) with a delay of more than 6 hours between the dive and recompression in a hyperbaric chamber

  • Procedure:
    1. Descend to 18msw over 2-5 minutes, stopping only if the diver or tender has difficulty clearing ears
    2. Treatment time starts once 18m depth is reached
    3. Once at 18m, the diver should be re-assessed to establish any change in symptoms
    4. If symptoms have remained unchanged or have not completely resolved after 3 oxygen sessions at 18m, the treatment profile may be extended by at least two, twenty minute oxygen sessions, separated by air breaks
    5. If symptoms recur during the ascent to 9msw, the decompression should be halted and the diver recompressed slowly until resolution of symptoms occur or a maximum depth of 18msw is reached
    6. Symptoms may recur at 9m, depending on the severity and after consultation with the duty diving doctor, the diver may be recompressed to 18msw or the table extended at 9msw
    7. The tender breathes Oxygen on the ascent from 18-9msw, 30 minutes at 9msw and the ascent from 9msw to the surface

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