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Midlands Diving Chamber is a hyperbaric chamber providing NHS funded emergency recompression for divers with decompression sickness

1. DCI Info

Information on decompression sickness for scuba divers covering: The effects that increased pressure and gases have on the body and the saturation and desaturation of Nitrogen into the body tissues; A description of the different types of decompression sickness; How to diagnose decompression sickness with a list of the signs and symptoms of decompression sickness; factors that can cause or predispose divers to decompression sickness; How to avoid decompression sickness; The treatment of decompression sickness in a scuba diver; DCI denial and late presentation of decompression sickness; What happens after decompression sickness and after treatment in a hyperbaric chamber and NHS funding for emergency treatment.

2. DCI Treatment

An overview of DCI Treatment at the Midlands Diving Chamber in English, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Swedish.

3. Medical Advice

Information on all aspects of Dive Medicine: decompression illness, marine animal hazards, Cardiovascular System, Drugs, ears, fitness, respiratory and any other problems for scuba divers.

4. Dive Medicals

Diving medicals, HSE diving medicals, fit to dive medicals, AS4005.1 dive medical for Australia, fit to dive medicals for Spain, Malta & Gozo, asthma and scuba diving medicals.

5. Dry Dives

Dry diving / chamber dives & recompression chamber tours at the Midlands Diving Chamber.

6. Courses

Dive medicine courses, Diver Medic Training Course, Recompression chamber attendants course and PADI Chamber Awareness Speciality Course for divers run by the Midlands Diving Chamber.

7. Events

Events for divers Organised by the Midlands Diving Chamber.

8. Why MDC

Reasons why the Midlands Diving Chamber offers the best recompression chamber services for scuba divers suffering from symptoms of decompression sickness/decompression illness/the bends.

9. Hyperbaric History

A history of decompression chambers and hyperbaric medicine. From early caissons to modern scuba diving today.

10. Tables & Theory

Use of dive tables and decompression theory for hyperbaric medicine and scuba divers.

11. HBOT

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatment from the decompression chamber at The Midlands Diving Chamber.

12. Contact

Midlands Diving Chamber contact page

13. Blog

A blog from Midlands Diving Chamber's hyperbaric physician, Dr Trevor Oxley.

14. Links

Links to scuba diving related websites

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